UNCC North Deck

UNCC North Deck

Our team has worked with UNCC Parking Services since 2003. Recently, Neighboring Concepts served as the Associate Architect for the North Deck. The North Deck accommodates the student housing in the Northwest Quadrant of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s campus.

North Deck is a six-story facility with 1,171 parking spaces, used by resident and commuter students and faculty and staff. The structural system is cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete with a brick veneer façade and precast concrete accents consistent with campus architectural standards. Brick elements were cast into the precast spandrels greatly reducing labor costs and enhancing durability. A monumental stairway in the front of the deck provides efficient egress and is a striking architectural feature on the front-facing elevation. Other design features include an integrated, covered bus stop, bicycle racks, energy efficient induction lighting, convenient one-way drive aisles and angled parking, and white painted ceilings to enhance the user experience with daylight-level brightness, even at night. Conduit is already in place for future placement of gates and pay station equipment.

Designed in association with ADW Architects, Architect of Record.

Status: Complete
Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Architecture