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Briaunna Boyd

Briaunna Boyd

Briaunna Boyd is an intern architect on the Neighboring Concepts Team. A native of Winston-Salem, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree, as well as a Masters of Architecture degree. She minored in Religious Studies and got involved in AIAS. Her passion for architecture lead her to serve as a student ambassador for the School of Architecture’s advising department. With duties including mentoring and speaking to prospective architecture students and their families, she was a person of leadership and growth for the campus’s architecture community.

Briaunna aspires to become a licensed architect before turning 30. She is interested in starting a firm of her own one day, which will seek to provide minority students with the chance to gain professional experience. Briaunna is also excited for the things she will learn while being a part of the Neighboring Concepts Team.

Bri’s interests include crocheting, puzzles, and collecting art supplies (especially sketchbooks).

If I weren’t an intern architect at Neighboring Concepts, I’d be…. A Krispy Kreme doughnut taster (I am dangerously addicted to those things 🤭)