Nigel Barber

Design Intern

Nigel is a Design Intern on the Architectural Staff at Neighboring Concepts. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. While studying at NC State, Nigel had the opportunity to work with a Spanish-speaking organization that connected students as translators for parent teacher conferences. Partnering with a local school stimulated his passion for community outreach and entrepreneurship. He also began a media marketing LLC with another classmate, creating graphic designs and marketing materials. His long term goal is to positively impact underserved communities with urban planning.

Following graduation from NC State, Nigel began working as a full-time design intern, working with small and large firms lending his knowledge and experience to various projects. He focuses on helping to establish an impactful workplace, where we can create a dialogue with the communities in which we design.

If I weren’t a Design Intern at Neighboring Concepts, I’d be . . .

a Visual Artist