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Opportunity begins in what we share...

Neighboring Concepts places a high value on public involvement with open channels of dialogue. We place a special emphasis on the ability to build trust through attentive listening and communication. We use a wide variety of engaging techniques for participation and are highly sought out for our skills with illustrative imagery. We engage the public to shape decisions and build ownership in plans, drawing consensus through relationship-building along the way. All plans involve site-specific issues that require meaningful, consistent communication with local citizen representatives and other stakeholders. Through the public input process, Neighboring Concepts will help establish shared visions by keeping local leadership engaged and by drawing in public participation that is truly representative of the diverse members of the community.

We believe that the most successful sustainable projects come from collaboration. Stakeholders and community members often hold the most valuable insights for sustainability. The designers at Neighboring Concepts pride themselves on their engagement abilities and commitment to understanding our clients’ special needs. Our team’s diversity allows us to engage people across a variety of ages and demographics, ensuring input across the entire community is heard.

Together, we create a greater whole that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

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