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BIM at Neighboring Concepts
Neighboring Concepts has embraced collaborative, 3-D electronic model-based drafting. We utilize Revit and Sketch-Up across all architecture and consultant engineering disciplines – structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire-protection, and telecommunications. Virtual building with BIM enables early clash detection and correction. We schedule formal coordination review sessions to identify potential issues as early as possible in the design process. Recent complex projects have utilized BIM in an integrated setting where owner, contractors, and design teams all use BIM as a tool for discussion. Beyond the core design process, BIM provides better information during design to the entire team and into the operations phase for the owner.


How we approach BIM

As a firm, we employ BIM for architecture while consulting with engineering firms, both structural engineering and MEP, that also utilize BIM. We define “levels” of BIM on a spectrum from space management to systems modeling to virtual building. We are leading the industry drive towards eventual full BIM penetration.

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