CATS LYNX System Update

CATS LYNX System Update

Neighboring Concepts has provided various services throughout the CATS LYNX System Update process, as a subconsultant to WSP, beginning with public engagement. Our team helped communities in three counties understand the LYNX transit alternatives and relate how each option would influence their daily lives. The resulting feedback informed and helped refine the CATS and consultant team’s alignment alternatives study and recommendations. Neighboring Concepts was a vital member of that alignment selection process and the subsequent refinements to selected alternatives.

Early in the process, Neighboring Concepts played a role in the drafting of an Opportunity Statement for the West and North Corridor study options, bringing to light the opportunities present with regard to future development and urban place-making with affordable housing development at key areas. Neighboring Concepts helped develop recommendations for integrating affordable housing strategies innovatively with park and ride development.

Along the way, Neighboring Concepts collaborated with the CATS and WSP project team, which included Cole Jenest and Stone and Alta Planning, to take a close look at station and alignment alternatives in their urban settings. Neighboring Concepts contributed design concepts for station, alignment and station area development options, particularly for the Uptown LYNX system integration study. Neighboring Concepts developed design sketches that illustrated key alignment concepts, which assisted CATS and City of Charlotte staff to visualize options during their evaluations of various alternative scenarios. These multidisciplinary design studies played a critical role in explaining key decision points and thus aided the determination of the final preferred alignment recommendations.

Neighboring Concepts, for example, was heavily involved in the updated study of the Charlotte Gateway Station.  Our designers considered various physical solutions for the addition of the Silver Line and its integration with the Amtrak Station, the Greyhound terminal, and private development. Each variation strove to maximize developable area and minimize complicated coordination between public and private entities. The resulting options allow for programmatic flexibility and effective phasing.

Status: In progress
Location: Charlotte, NC
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