CPCC Student Deck III

CPCC Student Deck III

The Central Piedmont Community College Student Parking Deck III is an 8-tier, 1,002 car, mixed-use parking deck on the edge of CPCC’s Central Campus in Charlotte, NC. The parking deck serves both the private entity of CPCC, and the public entity of Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation to park visitors at the adjacent Historic American Legion Memorial Stadium.

The architecture of CPCC Student Deck III enhances the urban fabric of the area and complements the college’s existing architectural style. The design of the building focuses on the pedestrian experience of the users, while providing the most efficient parking configuration and fluid vehicular circulation. A number of sustainable strategies were integrated into the design, including provisions for a LEED® certifiable office space, induction lighting and a living green wall that is mounted to the ramp portion of the deck and borders the adjacent greenway.

Designed in association with ADW Architects.

Status: Complete
Location: Charlotte, NC
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