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Cathy is an architect on the Neighboring Concepts Team. She graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree in ­2004.  She also has her Master in Architecture and Master of Arts in Geography (Community Planning) from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

With 15+ years experience, Cathy brings a passion for collaborative design and a broad range of experience from urban planning to education and healthcare architecture.  She is also active in the profession and the community, currently serving on the NC Board of Architecture, NCARB Region 3 board of directors, and board of directors of Loaves & Fishes / Friendship Trays and Do Greater Charlotte.  She strongly believes in the power of the built environment to elevate everyday experiences and allow all members of our communities to thrive.

When not working, Cathy is spending time with her family and slowly chipping away at the never ending list of house projects.  

If I weren’t an architect… I’d be an abstract painter.


Cathy + Husband (Micah) + daughter (Fred) + son (Saul) + puggle (Wanda)